ACROBALANCE class integrates the more traditional circus style (partner balance) with a newer form of acro balance – which focuses on transitions between tricks and creating a flow.

TISSU 101 and TISSU 102 are great introductions to aerial fabric and are intended for beginners. Pre-registration is required for these drop-in classes.

TISSU 201 focuses on aerial fabric over a multiple week course session. This class is mixed levels though not intended for beginners. Drop-in are welcome if the class is not at capacity.

LYRA 101 spends the entire hour on the aerial hoop. This class is for beginners looking to focus primarily on Lyra.

LYRA 201 is a multi week course focusing on aerial hoop tricks and sequences. Drop-in are welcome if class is not at capacity.

SKILL SHARE is open studio practice time for any skill level.

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