Tissu 101 – Aerial Fabric


There is an elegance to be discovered by exploring vertical space through aerial movement. In this beginner level intro class, we will focus on the basics: getting strong, learning the lingo, tying foot knots and climbing the fabric. This is a great introduction to the world of aerial performance by teaching you how to apply the new dimension of vertical space. Let’s play with the X, Y, and Z axes!

This class is meant for people who have very little to no experience with the aerial fabric. Tissu 101 classes are available on a drop-in basis, however preregistration is required.

New student rates apply to this class. When registering online, simply select the 2 or 3 class option for payment. If you bought a groupon, please email the 8-digit voucher code.

  • Please Be On Time for Class

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes EARLY to allow for parking and filling out paperwork. NO ENTRY will be granted to latecomers  – it is vital to be at the start of each class where we warm up together and stretch the body; this is necessary to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Proper Attire

Wear comfortable and fitted clothes. Yoga pants or footless leggings are ideal as are leotards or tightly fitted tops which are long enough to tuck-in. AVOID clothes with zippers as they can potentially snag and ruin the equipment. Please remove any jewelry that could get bound up on the equipment. Avoid using lotion – it ruins your grip!

  • Tips

It is imperative to remain focused and listen to instruction carefully. While this is a fun environment to learn, play, and grow in, it must be treated with caution. Maintaining mindfulness, recording accurate notes (bring a notebook!), listening to your body, and stretching and strengthening will aid you tremendously in your training and safety.

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