Lyra 201 – Aerial Hoop



This multi-week, mixed levels, course is designed for students to build upon skills learned in Lyra 101. Students will work variations of tricks learned in Lyra 101, ideal form and technique to master those tricks, building sequences, and conditioning exercises to develop the unique flexibility and strength required for aerial acrobatics.

To join this class, students must be able to mount the lyra unassisted and come to a seat with good form, feel comfortable inverting and hanging by knees. Lyra 201 is an on-going class which meets weekly. Signing up for this class ensures a spot in the class for the duration of the session. Pre-registration is required.

  • Please Be On Time for Class

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes EARLY to allow for parking and filling out paperwork. NO ENTRY will be granted to latecomers  – it is vital to be at the start of each class where we warm up together and stretch the body; this is necessary to reduce the risk of injury.

    • Proper Attire

    Wear comfortable and fitted clothes. Yoga pants or footless leggings are ideal as are leotards or tightly fitted tops which are long enough to tuck-in. Avoid using lotion – it ruins your grip!

    • Tips

    It is imperative to remain focused and listen to instruction carefully. While this is a fun environment to learn, play, and grow in, it must be treated with caution. Maintaining mindfulness, recording accurate notes (bring a notebook!), listening to your body, and stretching and strengthening will aid you tremendously in your training and safety.

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